Minecraft Texturepack Editor

Minecraft Texturepack Editor 1.0

View and edit any texture from Minecraft
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Improve Minecraft's textures or create completely new ones. Open multiple textures at once for comparison purposes, enhance the resolution, copy tiles between textures and see 3D previews of your creation.

Open any texturepack you have in your minecraft/texturepacks directory
- Open several texturepacks simultanieously and compare them
- Copy single tiles from one texturepack to another with a mouseclick.
- Open single tiles in an image-editor
- Save changed images/tiles and save the texturepack.
- Change the resolution of any image with a simple mouseclick.
- Start Minecraft from within the opened texturepack.
- Stores Backup-copies of original texturepacks.
- Shows you a 3D-preview of blocks and other things.
- Copy whole group of tiles.

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